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The Magnificent Gladiolus maculatus – Flower of the Day once again

Although I posted a couple of pictures of Gladiolus maculate, the Brown Afrikaner, the other day, I was not sure I had done full justice to this exquisite and delicate flower, with its lovely flowers perched atop a long stem and somehow withstanding the most violent wind and rain.  And although I’ve only ever seen one I thought it might be worth exploring if there were not more in the same area.  So on Friday the dogs and I walked up in the evening light to see if we could find them.  And we did, one other, a little less bedraggled looking.  I don’t know if these are rare but they are special indeed.

Gladiolus maculata in the evening light

Gladiolus maculatus in the evening light

Gladiolus maculata, two flowers atop a long, fine stem

Gladiolus maculatus, two flowers atop a long, fine stem

The setting sun shines through the petals of the Gladiolus maculate, the brown afrikaner

The setting sun shines through the petals of the Gladiolus maculatus, the brown afrikaner

Flower of the day: Gladiois Maculatus known as The Brown Africkaner

As I labored up the mountain preceded by faithful yet enthusiastic hounds this morning I thought ‘but surely if we’ve seen a Gladiolus watsonius, we should have seen a Gladiolus Maculatus by now’.  As we trotted past the precise place where we saw it last year I swiveled my head left and Lo!  There she was.  Upright and unravaged despite overnight rains verging on monsoon.  We will capture a better photo, I am sure; this one shows the indomitable nature of this winter flowering, sweetly scented gladiolus.


Gladiolus maculatus

Gladiolus maculatus