4 May 2013

The morning run this morning was stunning – one of those mornings where a bit of mist hangs in the air and the sunlight as it comes over the mountain glimmers and refracts.
This bank of Protea Repens lies on the Southern boundry of the farm and is in full flower at the moment.  There are several places where the planting looks as if it has been done by man, and perhaps it was many years ago and these proteas have simply continued to flourish along the border of the boundry road.
 Protea Repens 4/5/2013
Protea Repens
This bright purple flash caught my eye higher up the mountain – it’s definitely lobelia and I think it may be Lobelia linearis.    I have only seen one specimen, though there are probably many more out on the lands where we don’t run.
 Lobelia 4/5/2013
Lobelia Linearis
There are lots of these pretty yellow shrubs around, they’ve just come out.  The most likely identification is yellow lobelia – Monopsis Lutea athough I need to double check the description with the flowers as they are tiny and hard to photograph.  I will try taking them in different light until I get them right.
Monopsis Lutea?
The second protea to flower is always Nerifolio, pink with purple tufts and the light on this spectacular morning caught the colour to perfection.

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