Evening 4/5/2013

We went back out in the evening for a quick run because I wanted to try and capture the luminous grasses.  These grow all over the Cape and at this time of year they light up the sides of the roads, particularly at sunset.  For identification I’m borrowing a book on grasses.  These photos are taken in the dusk after sunset when it’s impossible to photograph anything else – these seem to be luminescent.
 Grasses at sunset
Of course the advantage of an evening walk or run is not only happy dogs and beautiful light, but the glory of the Cape sunset.  At this time of year it sets West-NorthWest towards the Paaderburg Mountain range.  By midsummer it will have swung all the say to West South West to set south of Table Moutain.
At the moment these clusters of white flowers are all over the farm – apparently they are much loved by gardeners, so I shall try to  one or two although Fynbos have notoriously fragile roots and can be difficult to transplant. Crassula Dejecta, though I’m not convinced
Once the sun has gone down over the horizon at this time of year we only have about 30 minutes to get home before its very dark.  Running down the hill I smelt the distinct odour of animal – an antelope must have been crouching in the grass very near us.  Luckily the dogs, though hunting dogs, are sighthounds and they followed me down the mountain without reacting to the scent.  Having stopped to capture the luminous grasses, we were walking down the steep road behind the house when this last flash of yellow caught my eye.  I can find no reference to these yellow stars in my books but will keep trying.  They are growing out of the wall, and I had to use a flash to capture them – fearing that if I did not do it now, I might miss them altogether.  Ideas or names welcome.
The yellow stars

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