Two new flowers in the morning light

On Wednesday I got up early, determined to run up the mountain properly and not stop for flower photos.  The weather was strangely warm and humid and as I ran down the road I couldn’t, of course, resist stopping to take a photo of this Crassula that has just emerged.  Crassula’s are wonderful things, there are over a hundred fynbos subspecies and I think this one is probably Crassula fascicularis and one of the best ways to check is to wander down the drive where it grows one evening at sunset and see if it is fragrant in the evening.

Crassula fascicularis

Crassula fascicularis

The other thing I couldn’t resist capturing in case it has faded before I get a shot in better light is the Painted Yellowwort or Sebaea exacoides.  Lots of it has suddenly emerged and it is much loved by insects, the red lines are sweet ridges.  It likes the damp so this very wet winter has probably led to this year’s prolific flowering.  If it doesn’t fade we’ll post a better picture.

Sebea exacoides

Sebea exacoides


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