Catching up and naming the flowers

Metalsia - unidentified subspecies

Metalsia – unidentified subspecies

Real life took over blogging life for a few days and we now have a backlog of flowers to document.  The first few are the ones I last posted without doing the research to identify them.  Here there are at last, first, above, is the Metalsia, though I am not certain of the subspecies.  This is common all over the farm and a delight to see as it has a long flowering season.

This lovely blue flowering bulb has popped up in lots of damp places.   It turns out to be Aristea africana, a close relation of Aristea capitata which was recently our Flower of the Day.

Aristea africana

Aristea africana

Polygala is a common fynbos flower and this one is either refracta or bracteolata or indeed one of the 30 other fynbos subspecies.

Polygala refracta or bracteolata

Polygala refracta or bracteolata

In a previous blog I incorrectly identified this as an aloe.  Its not of course, it is a red hot poker,  the Latin name is Kniphofia uvairia and it is a common and much loved wild flower in these mountains, though this is the first one I have seen on this farm.

Kniphofia uvaria

Kniphofia uvaria

Finally what a delight to see that this little yellow flower, distinctive because of its four petals, is Sebea aurea, a relation of Sebea exacoides which we posted quite recently.


Sebea aurea

Sebea aurea




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