The Bartinney Angel

This blog is all about the wildflowers that I come across when I’m out running on the farm, and in almost a year of blogging I have never felt the need to deviate from that.  Even as the profusion of flowering dies back there is so much to describe on a run, the air, the light, the dogs, the water, the weather, and always a flower or two to talk about.  Indeed I have a new blog almost written and ready to publish.

Yet I am going deviate.   Because on Saturday I saw the most extraordinary sight, too ephemeral and too gorgeous not to share.  We were at a party in the Kylemore valley, about 30 KM from here, along the Helshoogte Pass.  It was a perfect day, pure blue sky, not a cloud and for once not too hot.   We were enjoying cold wine and delicious braai in a friend’s garden. Liz, another friend who lives in this lovely Kylemore valley, came over to me and said “there’s something I want to show you.” We went around to the back of the house and she pointed up into the mountain.  There, carved out in a meadow full of shining grasses, is an angel, the Bartinney Angel.

Bartinney wines have an angel on the label, based on a sculpture by Dylan Lewis.  Now they have carved their angel into a meadow of the lovely shining grasses.  Breathtaking.

The Bartinney Angel

The Bartinney Angel

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